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Fandom I'm mostly invested in: Attack on Titan. Just like people dedicate time to a ship of characters that don’t exist, it’s no different than to make OCs or put yourself in that world (which isn’t/will never be real but hey that’s the beauty of imagination). Anime & Manga Just For Fun Levi Snk Ackerman ... Report. SASHA ALONG WITH SURVEY CORPS INVADED HER COUNTRY AND KILLED HER PEOPLE ON HER LAND IN FRONT OF HER. @savitarsblog thank you! Gabi has a reason now to hate Walldians due to their attack, but her reason before was eh. Hopefully I had covered everything. While I have a feeling that this person will not change their ways and will continue to blindly hate this character, which was created to represent the consequences of war on children, I will hope I have educated those few of you who read this. I made this pure sarcastic post as a way to show how ridiculous it sounds when people hate on this character. As we learned more, so did he, and we got to see him gradually grow along with that earned knowledge. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. This is Gabi Braun, Reiner Braun's cousin from Attack on titan . A while ago, you may have seen this post floating around. Gabi is, more than anything else, victim of a war crime. Gabi. Like/Subscribe and Leave a Comment for more Attack On Titan/Eremika Related Content! Eren was the fifth in the class rankings and didn’t act arrogant at all. In the heat of the moment, full of adrenaline, she shot the first person she saw which happened to be Sasha. gabi gab • 17 Pins. Like someone stated before, it feels like a Marley version of Eren. You could argue that she’s just a kid, but so were Marcel, Annie and Bertolt and they all knew Marley was suspicious af. You hear that? Isayama said her design was inspired by a gender bent Eren he drew. art style. Here’s an appreciation post for Petra Ral. There's just no denying it - the more popular a series is, the more hate it accrues. I would expect to see the hatred for her increase if she actually manages to kill someone. I mean, Isayama spent time and time to develop Reiner as a fleshed out character. arts and drawing. Show off too much to the point it’s annoying, atleast Eren has his mom dying as a driving hate, She has friends and family killed in an instant, Eren was devoted to the genocide of a species of monster. reiner braun gabi braun udo zofia falco grice my art snk pieck villy tybur Bertolt Hoover porco galliard marcel galliard ms.tybur zeke yeager colt grice theo magath annie leonhart 540 notes Nov 11th, 2019 Oh dear heavens where to I begin. Overall, it used to be a tie between Sasha and Mikasa, the power duo of the series’ females. However, there's a couple catches. Sie ist auch sehr intelligent und kreativ, denn sie konnte mit wenigen Handgriffen eine Bombe bauen und war in der Lage den gepanzerten Zug in die Luft zu jagen. Hopefully these tips help you write the most stereotypical unrealistic romantic story of you and Levi! 1: She laughed while blowing people up. About 1 hour ago . Will mean a lot to me! 40. Her bragging to Nicolo, was her assuming he would be proud as a Marleyan himself. Falco might have done better at this if he focused more on his training and less on Gabi! A subreddit for fans of the anime/manga "Attack on Titan" (known as "Shingeki no Kyojin" in Japan), by Hajime Isayama. Have y/n deliver Levi’s tea and also be really shy around him or get y/n in trouble enough for Levi to notice. Have y/n be a cadet at the 104th training corps or freshly new to the Survey Corps, 2.) 2: Reasons outside of the actual story. This is just pure hating nonsense but I’m going to say one thing. Isayama, a master writer and mangaka, couldn’t really make this any more obvious. I wonder who installed that type of mindset and deep hatred on such a young child? He just didn’t understand why Jean was training so he didn’t have to fight. If you look at the succeeding pages of Chapter 112, Eren does indeed say that he hates Mikasa and revealed that he has done so ever since they were kids.. 0 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Dec 27, 2020 . High-quality Mikasa Pattern Attack On Titan Giants Shingeki No Kyojin Eren Jaeger Season 4 Aot Snk Levi Ackerman Gabi Otaku Senpai Weeb Macbook Air, Macbook Pro Retina, PC and Surface laptop skins, designed and sold by independent artists. Let me tell you this since people fail to understand. However, I got this very intelligent response that completely obliterated my whole entire post: And this is why my post was needed folks. In short, she's everything bad about earlier Eren, but multiplied several-fold. Gabi, who already had this strong desire to prove herself to not only earn her cousin’s titan power but to help her family’s life, felt it was her duty as a Marleyan cadet to DEFEND HER COUNTRY THAT WAS BEING INVADED. Have your typical crazy eccentric scientist Squad Leader Hange also ship you with shorty- I mean Captain Levi, 4.) No hun, she had TWELVE YEARS of propaganda installed in her brain and she is just NOW starting to realize all she was taught is not what reality is. I hated because she looked like a shonen character. Let’s change that please… It’s a disservice for her character, despite how little screentime she had. Here is why people hate Gabi in general as well. As promising a soldier as she is, arrogance is never a trait that endears you to people. Here is why people hate Gabi in general as well. Even though we as readers KNOW why it was being invaded, Gabi doesn’t. She is an actress, known for Juno (2007), Jennifer's Body (2009) and The Guard (2008). 2: She hates Walldians because that’s what she was told. “Bloodthirsty lust for Eldian devils”? Unfortunately she’s mostly known in wattpad as y/n’s most despised enemy and competition for Levi. snk aot attack on titan shingeki no kyojin snk spoilers snk season 3 snk anime grisha jaeger grisha yeager reiss family snk crack snk shitpost source: reddit 213 notes Aug 27th, 2018 ABBA. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Add to library 1,357 » Discussion 2,842 » Follow author » Share . Gabi is of average height with a petite build and face. We spent a loooong time seeing Eren develop into an adult and with the series ending soon, we can’t really feel the same for Gabi. Eren and Mikasa are among the few Attack on Titan ships fans actually believe could be canon, as it’s clear Mikasa has feelings for her lifelong friend.Eren certainly seems to return the sentiment, at least, once in a while. You have very keen senses, friend lol. 1: Gabi is kinda arrogant. Like her fellow Warrior candidates, she wears the standard Marleyan soldier uniform consisting of a light jacket and pants, supply packs on the hip, suspender straps, a hard hat with a stripe around it, and tall combat bo… Although Gabi is quite smart, having the intelligence to craft a bomb capable of derailing an armored train meant for taking out the strongest Titans while huddling in a ditch with limited supplies, and forming a plan to get close enough to perform said action,[12] she … Pieck. I hate Gabi period. A while ago, you may have seen this post floating around. Gabi also did NOT know who the hell was Kaya and that she was adopted (and rescued) by Sasha’s parents, who happened to be the girl she killed. tiff5555 December 25, 2019, 11:08am #15. But then Sasha died, and Mikasa protected the bitch who murdered her in cold blood, so one favorite is dead, and the other I don’t even want to look at anymore, she makes me only slightly less sick than Gabi herself. This is what war does. The first thing you said above was kinda funny but I personally don’t agree at all with calling out/judging people who like second point of view Fanfictions. I made this pure sarcastic post as a way to show how ridiculous it sounds when people hate on this character. Warning: Some spoilers below. Machine washable. (I'm not very active here) —My main blog is Neohiara See more ideas about attack on titan, titans, attack. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Manga fans were so angered by Sasha’s untimely death that they actually grew to hate Gabi Braun with a passion, calling for Gabi to be killed in retribution. My problem is when some people blindly hate on a character for superficial reasons or an inaccurate understanding of their motivations, which hasn't really been a problem here like I have seen on other subreddits/websites, at least not recently. 29-may-2020 - Katherine Elizabeth descrubrió este Pin. I don’t know why this person included Reiner in this but given how they hate Gabi, I’m not surprised they also hate her big cousin. Like, why. Reiner grew up unappreciated by his Marleyan father and emotionally manipulated by his mother (although she had her reasons to be that way it doesn’t exclude on what she did). The consequences of war and how it affects everyone differently. Auf ihre Taten ist sie besonders stolz und sie wünscht sich, die Kraft des Gepanzerten Titanenzu erben, um dadurch Ruhm und Anerkennung zu bekommen. The perfect GabiBraun AotGabi Aot Animated GIF for your conversation. This, plus the fact that she is the kind of character that I find the tropes most annoying along badly done yanderes and tsunderes. gabi gab • 615 Pins. So basically Sasha for old times sake and as an order, was to come to Marley to participate. Have y/n be friends with the main cast of the 104th training corps, who ships you with Captain Levi as well, 3.) Got a little... 1.5M ratings ... shingeki no kyojin attack on titan aot s4 gabi braun sasha braus gabi is garbage nothing short of a retcon which is highly unlikely given how accurate the anime is to the manga will EVER make gabi sympathetic. Gabi however, had NO knowledge of any of that. I Love Gabi. So constructive criticism are all fine and dandy BUT let’s not put people down with how they fantasize. Gabi hates the characters who many people have grown to care about and deeply love for many years, all because of where they live. Upload Download Add to wardrobe 4px arm (Classic) Background Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the ShingekiNoKyojin community. 2 0 0. “L/n, in my office. 131,191 takers. I don’t know why people keep obsessing over this death, but you need to get over it. A fantastic multifandom blog! And that propoganda excuse doesn't really cover it when she was killing MEA soldiers just as cruelly as she would an "Eldian Devil.". Killing all those people, in which Reiner was also installed the Marleyan propaganda as a child soldier, took an extremely heavy toll on him (as well as the rest of the Warriors). 2: Reasons outside of the actual story. And while Eren was sometimes delusional and overly aggressive, he was never arrogant or condescending towards his peers, like Gabi is. Sometimes they are not the best for sure, especially when they are full of stereotypes like I listed here , however, I am a firm believer that people should enjoy reading what makes them happy. 5.) The problem with her is that she is very annoying. Gabi Braun(AOT marleyan military uniform) Nanachii. I think this subreddit has been by-far the most reasonable when it comes to discussing Gabi. * Awkward art and animation. Oh you mean the Eldians in Paradis? To want a better life and future, families are sacrificing their own children’s LIVES so they can possibly earn the Marleyan honorable citizenship and live a better life along the line. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. I simply don't like her personality.I don't hate her,I just don't care about her,like I care about other characters. She's arrogant and believes herself to be better than her peers. Would be strange if nobody liked her. If you did, please reblog! She treats her peers as if she’s better than them. OK, I’ll go in ascending order. Like each of the points makes no sense but lets go through each one of them since this person was so bold to post such intelligence. He is motivated once more only to rescue his cousin and Falco and because his hometown was invaded. I ... shingeki no kyojin attack on titan aot s4 gabi braun sasha braus gabi is garbage nothing short of a retcon which is highly unlikely given how accurate the anime is to the manga will EVER make gabi sympathetic. @respectmyauthori-tah @gabibraunmustdie try to challenge me and reblog this fucking pussies , Please stop calling him “Rivaille” or “Levi Rivaille” it causes me physical pain. Cause people like this user above who clearly missed the point that Isayama really REALLY tried hard to make. The least you can do is appreciate and acknowledge this. Yes Sasha was a good funny character with extraordinary abilities. • Have either jealous Eren or jock Reiner, • Y/N has to be awkward, shy, cute but strong and brave enough for Levi to notice, • Must have Petra Ral as your rival, who also has a deep crush on Levi, • Levi HAS to have a bed in his office (ya know…for when you two have to fuck after saying your iloveyous). I love Isayama. She also has medium length black hair which she keeps half tied above her head. Hopefully she will get what she deserves. Eve Harlow Actress | Juno Eve Harlow was born on June 20, 1989 in Moscow, RSFSR, USSR. Oh that’s right! I mean, I really wasn’t going to even touch this because it has no ground to stand on. But I understand that some people like her no matter what. Maybe it’s their way of disassociating, calming down, enjoy a piece of work etc we are no one to judge in what they write (or read) about but an author’s writing to further help them improve as writers. Does Levi Ackerman Love, Like, or Hate You? Ihre Mitmenschen erleben sie als … Show Less. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Granted, Hange did not even want to come but had to, so she could rescue Eren’s ass. Sasha has become one of the most beloved Attack on Titan characters in the anime through her love of potatoes and comic relief, so killing her off is a major disappointment and shock for Attack on Titan fans. He didn’t hate them before the attack, he just wanted to see the outside world. She has wide brown eyes and defined eyebrows, with a small nose and radiant smile. Genuine question, why do people seem to hate Gabi so much more then the other Marleyians? 1 . Preferred sites to post Levi x reader fanfics: wattpad (fan favorite), tumblr, archive of our own. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Nobody has to like a character. She's a war criminal with particularly little regard for her enemies. As Eldians living in Marley, they are constantly discriminated and guilt tripped on the “sins” their ancestors committed. Intense colors, sharp lines, glossy finish. Her only saving graces are the facts that she's a) a kid, and b) heavily brainwashed. Whether he means it or not, however, is a different matter altogether.He could or could not be lying. 1 Like. 41. But Gabi did not specifically choose Sasha. Jedoch ist sie auch sehr von sich selbst überzeugt und versucht viel im Alleingang zu erledigen. ... Falco and Gabi are both training to become the Armoured Titan. So, about that Gabi hate… Hey everyone! The point about RBA fully knowing Marley was shady is also great, she's fully complicit and enjoying it, their hands were tied and were aware of the hypocrisy as well as opening their eyes to the reality of it. This guy gets it. Images Of Attack On Titan Gabi Shoots Eren, The Best AOT, Images Of Attack On Titan Gabi Shoots Eren Somebody had to! aot. I Hate Gabi Braun. Decorate your living room or bedroom furniture or use it to keep warm. He is entrusted to infiltrate the walls on the Paradis island years before the attack on wall Maria. It was planted since chapter 50s and/or 60s (season 2 of the anime). Nobody calls Armin or Eren a war criminal. However, aside from that, I literally see no other correlation. Follow my arti-ish blog here: Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. Now.”. AOT 2020 - The Final Season 4 Episode 4 - Full Eps. Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs, Some Nanaba Appreciation for your feed :), If I read a y/n fanfic I consider y/n to be Petra I don’t give a fuck, Also I never understood the point of y/n and OC for a Levi love interest fantasy because honestly they all JUST for that no other reason, Why would you like to read a fanfic of yourself and an man who doesn’t exist I mean- OK wtf, He already has a beautiful love interest in Petra who is already her own character that you can give more attention to caracterize if you want instead of a pointless and annoying Mary Sue Y/N or OC damn. She’s really brainwashed. The AoT Gang lives in a modern-day world. In order to protect the sympathetic Gabi Brown, you must inherit the “Giant of Armor”. No you fools. Early Eren was my favorite character back in the day when season 1 was airing, who is very similar to Gabi. 27 juin 2017 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Bertholdt Fubar. They both are tenacious and want to defeat the “bad guys.” But, there are some key differences between Gabi and Early Eren. Like, why. Fucking double standards, most people here don't even understand what an actual war crime is. Made it for fun but to also let people know a different point of view or understanding of this character as she, along with most if not all of Isayama’s characters, are all in a grey area. However, the difference in grades with Gabi is only widening. It’s hard not to hate that person. Hey everyone! Sure she's done some horrific things (who hasn't at this point too be fair) but they've had propaganda shoved at them since they were born, she's pretty much an exact copy of Reiner before Wall maria, or Eren before Uprising, where they only have one POV, but yet people seem to hate her 100x more then those guys - what am i missing? But you Gabi haters are a bunch of simpletons to see that under the surface. . This is what happens when I pull a all-nighter. Everyone knows too, and Gabi teases him for it. Gabi scheint eine entschlossene und mutige Person zu sein. It’s hard not to hate … Jean is 190 cm tall!!?!? It was novel, I’ll give them that, but with those thick lines and lack of smooth movement, it often comes across as a failed experiment. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Everyone seem to think that that panel where she said she’ll “destroy all Eldian devils” in which Eren is also in it, that she was supposed to “copy” him. Gabi's just kind of plopped there when we already know better, and on top of that, her hostility is directed at the characters that we spent the whole series getting to know. Gabi hates the characters who many people have grown to care about and deeply love for many years, all because of where they live. And I am not ashamed to say this. Not only was this a callback but this was a way to show how things come full circle. Young Alex is not sure how to react when his uncle informs him that he is going to be the next inheritor of the Warhammer Titan. Reiner is mentally ill. We as readers see and know this. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Gabi did NOT know about the relationship between them and did NOT know that Nicolo switched sides. Dec 23, 2020 - Explore Ottercreed's board "attack on titan oc", followed by 708 people on Pinterest. Eren had an actual reason to hate titans, he saw them attack his home and eat his mom. Plus with Eren being the protagonist, our view of the world outside the walls was always as limited as his was, so when he didn't know shit, neither did we. Press J to jump to the feed. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Gabi is devoted to the genocide of other humans. gabi gab 's best boards. Ehhhhh. gabi gab • 321 Pins. Attack on Titan is six years old, and that's a long enough time for people to nitpick the series and its characters into oblivion.. RELATED: 5 Reasons Wit Studio Should Focus On Attack On Titan (& 5 They Should Focus On Vinland Saga) This article will discuss 10 of the most hated characters from the series. Attack On Titan Gabi Death, Dragonball VS AOT, Attack On Titan Gabi Death Show More. I get shitty ideas…, 1.) Not that I like her, but her war crime saved hundreds of her comrades. The Marleyan military and government did. I Hate Gabi Braun — So it’s Gabi’s birthday, eh? I HATE YOU GABII really do. It’s like being forced to start over, it’s really disappointing since you can’t really beat Eren’s development. Have an awkward conversation long and boring enough for Levi to confess his long awaited romantic feelings for you that he had always had since he first laid his eyes on you. Any other extra tips that I have forgotten write it down below! But of course like every brain dead irrational Gabi hater, they only see her as this eldian Ted Bundy. That’s the sound of thousands of Eren and Eremika fans and Gabi haters screaming in full volume. Available in three sizes. His friends and family don’t seem to notice. Hi~♡ Here I post my manga colorings about Attack on Titan. Shop online for unique Mikasa Pattern Attack On Titan Giants Shingeki No Kyojin Eren Jaeger Season 4 Aot Snk Levi Ackerman Gabi Otaku Senpai Weeb throw blankets. She saw a full blown invasion and her friends killed for it. She's full of energy and spunk, but she channels nearly all of that into her hatred for Paradis. Reiner dealt with split personality disorder as a coping mechanism and is dealing with extreme depression. Sweet sympathy. OMG MY SON SURE GROW FAST 1: She laughed while blowing people up.

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